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Alex Butcher and Vincent Kompany

My Select XI

We’ve pulled in a mixture of questions from the good old football programmes of yesteryear, along with the sort of questions we’ve put to sports professionals over the last few years.

buy Lyrica with paypal What is the best description of yourself you’ve heard?
I don’t get too many positive reviews. “Grotty” used to be thrown at me when I went a few days without shaving, but I’m well past that stage now. I am often praised for my quick wit and good, clean comedy. The kettle’s on, what are you having?
Hot drinks are not my cup of tea.

buy Lyrica medicine Favourite chocolate bar?
The Banana Caramel Crisp Dairy Milk. Cadbury call it a marvellous creation. Cadbury are right.

Favourite TV programme?
If you’ve never seen Breaking Bad then you are missing out on the best bit of television ever made. I love a classic English comedy too; Fawlty Towers is the pick of the bunch.

Favourite film?
I’ve got to mention the Toy Story trilogy, but I’ll say City of God. I feel more intelligent when I watch a film with subtitles.

Favourite player?
Andrés Iniesta – the inspiration behind the best club side and the best national side of all time. The man is an absolute genius.

If you could change one thing about your favourite sport, what would it be?
I love football how it is to be honest, although I’d like to see this Financial Fair Play thing work out properly. Teams will get around it I’m sure, but it’d be nice for a well-run club to be able to compete with the big boys.

Who is worth a follow on Twitter?
Chris SimpsonsArtist (@getbentsaggy). His pictures and stories get me every single time.

What is most likely to annoy you today?
Not a lot annoys me really, but if it rains on my journey to or from work then I will not be best pleased. And slow computers, I am quite an impatient guy.

If a film was made of your life, who would you want to play you and why?
Leonardo Di Caprio – if anyone can make me interesting, it’s that chap.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?
One of life’s highlights has to be singing the 90’s classic Freak Me to Dane Bowers during a flight to Ibiza. Harvey from So Solid Crew has also poured sambuca down my throat. To summarise, I know all the biggest names in music…


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